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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Supra bhat (good morning) everyone! Hope the first part of the week has been great for you all. For the past three days, Joty (another volunteer) and I have been working at Kapoor hospital under Dr. Meena Kapoor. She is a OB/GYN so we mainly get to check blood pressure and weight of the mothers and help with ultrasounds and listen for heartbeats of the babies. We also are being taught  how to examine the mothers before and after delivery to make sure that everything is ok. We also get to watch any surgeries or births happening while we are there. We are also learning a lot from the pediatrician that works there. We sit in his exam room while he is working and he explains everything to us plus asks us questions to see if we already know about what is going on with the child. On Monday afternoon I was able to watch my first delivery. It went smoothly and the baby and mother left today and are doing very well! Today I was able to watch a c-section birth and both mother and child are resting and doing well. The mother from Monday was very excited that we watched her delivery and couldn't wait to be back in her room so she could take a picture of us with him. Back at home I have been learning a lot of Hindi from Justin. We have a Hindi lesson or two every week and they are really helpful! Right now I'm off to the market. We introduced the girls living in the other house to Nutella, so now we run out of that and bananas much faster :) Pictures of the babies should be up soon! Have a great day!

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