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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi everyone! I have been pretty busy the last few days so I have quite a bit to write! On Wednesday Pauline and I went to the Hospital to work. It is split into 3 floor. The first floor is the consultation rooms, the gynocology ward, and the pharmacy. The second floor is the blood test lab and the gerenal ward. The third floor is the surgical ward. The general ward is nothing like our hospitals here. It is one giant room with lines of beds and all the patients are all together. At first there wasn't much to do because they don't start giving medicine until 10am. We talked to a doctor for a few minutes and watched them give medicine for a while. After a few minutes we went downstairs with a doctor named Rahoul to his consultation room to help him. He is one of three doctors that runs consultations. He sees all types of patients from simple muscle pains to Malaria and Tuberculosis. We learned alot about different types of diseases and their causes and treatments. We also learned how to read a patients blood pressure and got alot of experience with reading x-rays and ultrasounds. After work we went back to the house for lunch. At about 4:30 we headed to the Indian Habitat Center for a presentation we were invited to by the founder of the school we are working at. Savitta Daat founded the Prakash Deep school quite a few years ago when she saw two young boys picking garbage on the side if the road and decided to pick them up and start a school. This is even more impressive considering her qualifications. Savitta is an amazing woman and it is truely an honor to be able to work for her. She has her doctorate in Literature, has written a book about the nuclear situation in Pakistan, and before she founded the school she was considered the most intelligent woman in the Indian Army. The presentation was the first screening of a film by a young Indian film maker who just shot this movie about Prakash Deep. It is called "A Drop of Light". It was a very beautiful film and we were able to meet him as well as a few other people such as the President of the Trust for the school, and several highly respected Indian journalists. After the presentation we went back to the house for dinner with the family. The next morning we went to the hospital again. This time we got to help with the medicine. We were able to assist with inserting IVs and we were taught how to change the IV bags and how to transfer the medicine from their boxes and inject them into the IV bags. After a few times with help, we were able to read the charts and inject the medication by ourselves. When the medicine had all be distributed we went downstairs to assist Dr. Rahoul with consultations again. I was able to examen a man for appendicitis, which came out positive, and I was also able to examen a baby who ended up being very dehydrated and underweight, and she was also anemic. The past few days have been very rewarding and I have learned many new things. I was planning to travel to Rishikesh and Haridwar this weekend but it is not going to work out now. We are now planning to go back to Delhi and do more sightseeing and shopping as well as check out the cinema! Today is a holiday, Eid, so the projects are closed. We are in the house for now spending some time together and planning our weekend!

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