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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just got back from a beautiful Temple about 2 miles from where I am living. Pauline, Allison, and I walked there together after work. It is all white with Gold designs on the top and sides. It has pillars and elephant carvings and a long walk way leading up to the steps. Inside, there are different sections of the walls that each have statues of a different Hindi God. There are also murals along the back walls that tell stories about the Gods. I will post pictures of the outside soon. This morning we left the house around nine and walked to the school. The school has about 250 students, both boys and girls, split up into 3 centers in the city. The children that attend this school are the children of city workers who would have to roam the streets all day if they did not have the school to go to. It is all open but inclosed in a fence. It is a fairly large area, all dirt, and all the classes are along the edges of the fence and in the corners. Today I started with standard 4. I taught a drawing class and then a science class. This is a group of 14 students. The school does not know their ages because they have no birth certificates so the put them into classes by their ability. After Standard 4, I went to Standard 5 and helped them study for their science exam. I also began teaching Standard 6 their next chapter of science. They have classes from 9-12:30. They have to be there at 8 and they are fed lunch and leave at around 1 or 1:30 depending on the weather. Tonight Justin, Pauline, Allison, and I plan to eat dinner, play cards and watch The Office. Sounds like home for all of us! Tomorrow I will be going to the Hospital with Pauline and after we will finish planning our weekend trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh!

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