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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi Everyone! Sorry it took so long for the first post. I love it here so far! I arrived at the house in Faridabad around 1:30 Saturday morning. The next morning was straight to work in the orphanage. I was able to sit in a kindergarten age classroom and listen to their lessons and then help them with letters, sounds, and nursery rhymes. They loved the bracelets I was wearing, so good thing I brought tons for them! Right now it is just me, Marian (From Belgium), and Justin (From Miami) in the house. A few others are on weekend trips and will return tuesday. After we finished at the orphanage we came back to the house and had lunch. We all needed to change money so we called a rickshaw driver and headed to the Faridabad mall. It's fairly close and I can get anything I need there. It's like a mall mixed with a walmart. Today Marian and I left at 8am for a tour around Delhi. I am living about and hour outside the city. It was raining a little bit, but it felt good considering how hot it was! We were able to visit The Lotus Temple, The India Gate, Quitab Minar, and a few shops and markets along the way.  I'm off to have dinner now and I am working in the Orphanage again tomorrow and I have photos from today to post, so hopefully I will be able to do that when I return home tomorrow!

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  1. Jessica - I'm SO glad you are blogging about your experiences! I can't wait to read your reflections and share in your journey!