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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hope everyones day went well! This morning around 7 I left for a different host family in a seperate part of Faridabad. I will stay here for a few weeks because it is closer to the street children project that I will be working on. If I enjoy it I can stay here longer. If not I will go back to Kranti and Dr. Bandhu's house and work on a new project. Justin and Allison live in this house and there is another girl from Belgium coming later in the day. This house in a little smaller but it is still nice. It is in an area that is more of the slums and there are more people than where I was before. Everything here is very different from home. A few things I have noticed are that they drive on the other side of the road, there are no stop signs and barely any traffic lights, there are cows, monkeys, dogs, and goats that walk in the road all the time, and they have no problem putting 5 or 6 people on one motorcycle. I also found it funny that they have no problem with the possibility of hitting a person or a dog... but they slow down and go to the other side of the road if there is a cow near their car. Today is much hotter than yesterday already and it was not raining this morning. Yesterday it was very sad to see kids in the streets who can only shower or brush their teeth when it is raining. Many families live in tents made of sticks and tarps along the sides of the roads or in lots set up in fields. Many of  them also run market stands out of their tents during the day. Allison and I are going to the slum school today and I am very excited to meet the new children! I will post more pictures of the children and the city soon.

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