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Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodmorning Everyone! The first set of pictures are up on my facebook and I will put some on here soon. They are from Delhi, the India Gate, Quitab Minar, and the Orphanage. The rain eventually stopping late this morning so we did not get to the slum school. We went back to the orphanage/school that I went to on Saturday. Today we helped the kids with their ABC's and numbers 1-10. Most of them are doing very well!! They love to be a school and are always very excited to see us. When we arrive in the morning the class always stands up, waves, and yells "Goodmorning!!!" and then they all say hi to us a few times and show us their books and bags and what they brought that day. The children were all very interested in the bracelets that I bought and took them right off my wrists. They all loved to be held and will run right over to you when it is lunch time or when class is over. A few have drawn me pictures and some of the older girls speak English very well and come over and ask me what my name is, where I am from, and how old I am. They also love to give me the same information about them. After we left the orphanage we came home and had lunch. Then I helped a young girl (from an orphange right behind Dr. Bandhu's house) study for her upcoming exams. Then Jayati gave me a quiz from one of her school books. I am pretty good with art, history, music, literature, and important people...but I need to brush up on my Indian history! I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow but hopefully it will not be raining and I will be able to go to the slum school and teach there!

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