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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hi everyone! This might be my last post from India for this trip. I have less than a week left and it doesn't feel real. I can't believe how quickly six months has gone by. The last thing I posted about was the Golden Temple so I think that brings me to the Special Olympics we just hosted at school. The school that I am working at (  is one of the few in the area that has a program for special needs children. Renu Bali, the director of the school recently decided to host regional Special Olympic games for the special needs children in Tender Heart and a few local schools with similar programs. There was a training camp held for coaches last Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday was the set-up day, and on Thursday and Friday the games were held. The events were Bocce Ball, Long Jump, Soccer, and Shot Put. Each child was given an opportunity to try each event. At the end of the two days the points were added up, the children were awarded with medals and certificates, and they were sent home very happy. It was a great experience for me and being included in the running of the event felt very familiar from volunteering at the Special Olympics at home for the past four years. Some of these kids don't have much to do at their schools or are rarely allowed outside of their homes after school so it was great for them to get out, make new friends, and improve their self-esteem. After it was over, I helped one of the teachers write an article and select a few pictures for the local newspaper. I will put pictures from the weeks on the blog once I get home.
Another great thing that happened recently was that we got to go to a wedding. It was a Rajasthani wedding so everything was big, bright, and colorful. The bride was a woman who used to teach at Tender Heart and is now teaching in a University. The ceremony was beautiful and I got some good pictures that I will put on as soon as possible.
There are just two of us volunteers here now so it's pretty quiet around the house. I have met a lot of amazing people here and this trip would not have been the same with out them. I think we are going to a Bollywood movie tonight and maybe some doing some shopping later this week so maybe I will have a little bit more to write. The picture I attached is a typical Rajasthani wedding Saree. It is the same style but not the exact one from the wedding.
Also, congratulations to the Windham Girls Swim Team on their 9th (correct me if I'm wrong) place finish at the Class A State Championship meet yesterday!! Good luck to the boys team today!! See you all soon!     

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