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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi everyone! I know its been awhile since my last post. There hasn't been much going on at the hospital lately so I have been working at other projects for the past two weeks. Last week I spent one day at the hospital and then I spent 3 day with the ambulance project. It is basically a traveling pharmacy for elderly people in the area. The ambulance goes to 10 different locations around Faridabad, two each day. From 9am to 4pm the patients come to the location of the ambulance and they have their blood pressure checked and have a simple check up. Then they can go to the window and the pharmacist will read their card and give them whatever medication they need. The picture of the ambulance is attached in the pictures at the top. On Friday we had the day off because it was Diwali. It is a religious holiday for Hindu's and it is celebrated similar to a combination of our Christmas and Independence Day. There are lots of lights, gifts, and fireworks. There was also a celebration at Prakash Deep (the school) celebrating Diwali. The children dressed up, if they could, and they presented dances and had an art contest and were given a meal. This week I spent two days at the hospital and then three days at Prakash Deep. Today at school we had a celebration for "children's day" which is Sunday but they wanted to include two volunteers that are leaving today. They did their normal morning prayer and then they all sat on the mats and a few classes presented songs or dances while others worked on art and others we able to help cook different types of food for everyone to try. They art they made today is for them to enter a local contest on Sunday. They were also given highlighters and crayons today as presents. Tomorrow Berit and I are traveling to Delhi, spending two nights there, and then traveling to Varanasi on Monday morning. It's going to be a 20 hour train ride but I'm sure it will be an experience. Tonight Berit and I were invited to have dinner with a family we met at church on Sunday. The family is a man named Joshua, who runs a Christian radio station here in Faridabad, his wife and two young sons. We are headed to the market to buy them a present now, I will post about the evening later! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Happy Friday!!   

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